He has given us people…

I’ve been reading the book Radical, by David Platt. It’s awesome and you should all read it! Here’s a little slice of what you’ll find in its pages:

Making disciples is not an easy process. It is trying. It is messy. It is slow, tedious, even painful at times. It is all these things because it is relational. Jesus has not given us an effortless step-by-step formula for impacting nations for his glory. He has given us people, and he said ‘Live for them. Love them, serve them, and lead them. Lead them to follow me, and lead them to lead others to follow me. In the process you will multiply the gospel to the ends of the earth.’

~ Radical by David Platt, Chapter 5

Making disciples is not an easy process.” – Every now and then someone shows up in your life who is starving to learn what it REALLY means to be a disciple of Christ. I LOVE those people and I LOVE pouring life into those people. They always get it and they pour out as much as you pour in. But sometimes there are people that God brings into your path who believe and they want to grow but there’s still a lot of clicking that needs to happen for them, and you know God has placed you in their life to encourage those clicks. These are harder and more frustrating at times. But, I know that my Father loves them and that Jesus died for them… and that I have been one of them. So, I LOVE them too. But it is slow, tedious, and painful at times. Still, it is worth it and I know that I am being worked on by the Spirit as I learn how to be a person that pours into their lives. There are also those who do not believe, maybe they have never even heard. It’s our job to LOVE them, to tell them = and not just with a one-time blow over the head but with a patient persistent demonstration of the love of Christ flowing out of our lives and into theirs. This certainly gets tedious and trying as we live in relationship with people who’s worldview is so entirely different than ours… but we know they need the hope we have… and we know that we are commanded to make disciples… so we keep at it.

He has given us people.”- People… each with a story… with our own broken pieces… needing a friend… needing a Savior… and starving for the grace He offers.

Live for them, serve them, and lead them.” – Living your life for Jesus means living your life for OTHERS. We’re here for them. THEY are why we still live. Paul wrote that “to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” We live and breath FOR THEM, and as we do that we live ultimately for His glory.

Lead them to lead others to follow me.” – How did you learn to lead people? Probably by watching someone else do it. Multiplication is how we obey, how we honor and glorify our God. Not one of us can reach the whole world. Not one of us can reach our whole community. But all of us can lead SOME … and they can learn how to lead SOME … That’s how Jesus did it! We need to follow his example.

In the process you will multiply the gospel to the ends of the earth.” – I remember a few years ago sitting on a boat in the Amazon and asking the Father to take me to the nations. I was so overwhelmed by the vastness of the nations. I can’t go everywhere. I can’t tell everyone. But I want to. I really do. But it’s not about ME going EVERYWHERE. It’s about me finding some who need to hear and pouring out into them, leading them…. And them then following OUR example of Christ in doing the same.

Read Radical. Be Radical. Together, we’ll change the world! :)


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