what randomness flows

It’s been a long time since I numbered listed it. So let’s see what randomness flows from the Shanda brain tonight…….. (always frightening!)
  1. My lovely friend Jenny informed me today that she believes that while I THINK I’m a dog person, I actually end up hating almost every dog I spend significant amounts of time with. (I’m gonna go with she’s partially correct… it’s a love/hate thing.)
  2. For 10 days now I’ve been taking terrible showers – ya know the kind in which the water is continuously jumping between scorching hot/freezing cold, with NO in between. Actually, to be honest… there was at least one day in there that I refused to shower… and one day I went to a friend’s place to shower. BUT, today they fixed it. HALLELUJAH! I’ve never been more excited to take a shower!!!
  3. Thursday I’m making lunch for some students. They are going to learn how to set a table American style and will eat with a fork and knife, except that I’m going to make chicken tacos and you basically eat those with your hands, but I’ll make a dessert or something they use utensils for. I’m pretty amused that I’m making them “American food” but it’s actually going to be Mexican. J
  4. I’m in the mood to sit at the beach and stare into the horizon. I should delete that option from my mood menu because it’s basically not possible anytime in the realm of soon.
  5. Sometimes I write sentences and I think, “that sounds so nerdy.”
  6. I bought a stapler. You might not know this, but that’s a big deal. You see, I once cried to my roommate Jen about having to decide whether my stapler should go with me, get packed away, or be given away. I was overly upset about the thought that every time I moved for the rest of my life, I would have to make this choice. (Kinda lame, I know.) Through that experience a stapler became symbol of sorts. Buying one was me saying, “I’m here… this is where I’m now investing my life…………. And I might need to staple some papers together.
  7. I found hair mousse today… and it’s even specifically for wavy hair. I can’t express to you how excited I was… AND it smells awesome!
  8. I seriously wish there was a soundtrack for my life. If anyone wants to make one for me, and then figure out a way that it can be playing everywhere I go, that’d be awesome.
  9. I was sick this week, and my voice was froggish/manish (depending on the moment). It’s mostly normal now, but I just tried to sing along to Phil Wickham and mostly squeaks came out. That’s so sad.
  10. Sometimes I feel like a GIANT here. Like when I buy a sweater and the sleeves are just barely long enough to not make me look like a big dork… until I wash it one time… and then they are practically ¾ length? Sigh. I’m normal sized. I promise.
  11. In 2007, I borrowed a CD from my honorary roommate, Emily. She moved to VA. I moved to the other side of the world. The CD is in a box in TX still because I never gave it back. I hope she had it on her iTunes like I do. SORRY EMILY!

One thought on “what randomness flows

  1. Many years ago I heard this song by Kelly Clarkson, and I always thought “When I finally get over there this will be my theme song.” It’s called Sober if you’d like to borrow it for a while, but I’ll be wanting it back when it’s my turn. ;)

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