I’ll just doodle now and then.

I used to paint pictures, pretty good ones…
like this one on the wall behind me and Josh (in this VERY attractive picture):

I think I was in 8th grade when I painted this woman.
8th grade?
(Granted, it wasn’t entirely by myself. I took lessons and had a lot of guidance through the process… but still…
Who paints like ^ that in 8th grade?)
Then High School happened and I became too busy and too cool for silly things like continuing to become a talented painter.
The paints went into the back of a closet.
My creativity was used in other ways, like singing in the choir – don’t forget, I was cool.
I now use my creativity in teaching and writing and thinking of crazy ideas.
But sometimes, I miss having a more artsy form of expression.
I don’t really think I could paint like I once did.
I also don’t think I really want to.
If I paint again, I want to find a new style.
I’m a bit different than I was in 8th grade, ya know?
So, I’m kind of on a very slow hunt of looking for a new creative/artsy outlet for my life.
It’s started with little bits of doodling with paint brushes on poster board with poster paint…

Having a paint brush in my hand relaxes me,
but I’m really not sure what I want to do with it…
nor do I have a whole lot of time to figure it out.

So, maybe for now I’ll just doodle now and then.


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