I’ve learned

I have many serious things to say, but I can’t seem to write them today.

So, here’s a list of random things I’ve learned about myself:

1. There are some things I am very picky about. These include: the smell of my hair (and thus the smell of the things I put IN my hair), razors (I need at least 3 blades please), and coffee (I’m actually not as picky about this as YOU may think, however, I want some without sugar in it)

2. I like having a home. I don’t like not having a home. But I can.

3. I think I’d prefer to never live alone.

4. I like tofu, just not in America.

5. I’m always completely and utterly dependent on my Savior… but I’m not always aware of that. It’s better when I am… even if it’s “harder.”

6. I need to write. If I don’t write, there’s something wrong.

7. Painting my finger/toe nails and wearing a dress can make me feel better on almost any day.

8. Lighthouses with no lights in them frustrate me.

9. Inefficiency has the potential to really really frustrates me… But sometimes it doesn’t bother me at all because it’s just how it is. I’m not sure yet what determines which side I land on in a given situation.

10. I hate sitting on a bus in traffic more than I hate sitting in my car in traffic because I feel like I have absolutely no control and am making NO progress. So, it’s pretty likely that I’ll get off and walk.


2 thoughts on “I’ve learned

  1. I know you said you never want to live alone, but do you ever need alone time? ps It took going to Thailand for me to see the wonders of tofu. :)

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