a little hustle and bustle

I know why I can’t write the things I WANT to write!!! Because I’m in a room all by myself! I need a little hustle and bustle around me. I just do. I remember that little once upon a time that I lived on a mountain. When the two girls I lived with were gone all day working and I worked in the evening, the people-less house was sometimes more than I could bare and there wasn’t much hustle and bustle on the mountain. So, while I adored the quiet of our little house overlooking the lake and I was thrilled with the fact that I could walk around said lake and soak in the BEA-U-TY of creation… sometimes, I just had to hop into my little Saturn and scamper down the mountain to find the busiest shopping area or coffee shop I could find. I would then grab a little nook and do my work: reading, writing, or arithmetic (okay I really was not ever doing arithmetic). I usually never talked to a soul – except, you know, when I ordered my coffee, but having souls around me was the important part. So, today this is my plan:

1. Go get my frizzy bed-head to look not so frizzy.

2. Drink a second cup of coffee (they’re really small).

3. Sing songs loudly and bother my neighbors, if they are still in their rooms.

4. Go to a movie theater and see the first showing of the day (because I love me a good deal) of Inception.

5. Sit in my “little piece of home” (Sbux) while I still have them around me every which way and soak in some hustle and bustle and WRITE.

6. Look up everytime someone walks in the door, as if I might know them – maybe it’s my friends.

7. Tell the baristas, “I used to work at Sbux in the US!” and proceed to make conversation for at least 5 minutes.

8. Read a good book.


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