suddenly something just cracks you up

I love when I laugh really hard when I’m not expecting to. Ya know? When suddenly something just cracks you up and you can’t help but bust up with laughter. I just had one of those moments.

I have a habit of occasionally clicking “wall-to-wall” when I write on someone’s facebook. I like to read old posts because another thing that I love is memories. Erin was my roommate the first few months I lived in TX and she’s been like a sister to me ever since. SO, as you can imagine… there were many humorous posts between the two of us that made me smile or let out a little chuckle… but this one!!! Oh man…

Have I ever told you stories about Dudley? If I haven’t, I should. He’s lovely. And I remember this day so clearly. He was so nervous to give me the box and it was so sweet. But it was also SOOOOO funny! I miss him.

(Hi Erin! Have a happy day!!!)


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