Dear traveling,

I’ve always said that I loved you but I should have added some stipulations to that love. It is NOT unconditional. I love you when I have someone to share you with. You’re not nearly as much fun when I am alone. Now, if any one of a long list of my bffs, or even a new friend, were here with me I’d be LOVIN you. But right now, I just want to end it! I just needed to get that out in the open. K? K.

Love (conditionally),



One thought on “Dear traveling,

  1. it least travel now knows the conditions of your love and can try to work that out… maybe he will change for you.

    in other news: is an efficiency washer very efficient if you had to run it 3 times because 1st you forgot the soap (one hour gone), 2nd you didn’t realize that the dryer part had to be turned on BEFORE you start it….you can’t wait til it done. nope. so I’m washing the SAME load of clothing for the 3rd time….this BETTER WORK!

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