Deep Waters

I heard a lesson today about God calling us out into deep waters… places that are not comfortable to us, places that require risk.

I’ve been thinking about that. I think it’s possible to jump into deep waters and then cling to the edge of the pool, still not doing all that you could to serve, trust, and glorify the one who called you to jump.

I don’t want to do that. I want to live in the deep waters that require trust at all times, where I’m forced to learn to swim, etc. But man… that’s so unnatural to my flesh and sometimes, to be honest, it can be hard on my heart.

But it’s best. I know that for sure. Full of the most joy.

Well, here I am… learning… hoping to serve Him well in the deep waters without clinging to the safe edges.

How about you?


2 thoughts on “Deep Waters

  1. its so difficult. I can relate to it seeming like you jumped in the deep water, but then you realize you have been on the edge the whole time. dangit. time to let go I guess….

    thanks for sharing

  2. In my mind I think it’d be easier to do that if I were already away from my home; living anywhere but here. The trick is to be aware of the deep waters all the time and to not become so complacent were you are that you stop looking for challenges that will help you grow! At least that’s my struggle.

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