2b: Keep the Shanda drinks alive

My Sbux partners threw me a goodbye party tonight. Every single person that works at our store was there! That NEVER happens. Not even for MANDATORY meetings. So basically, I felt loved. :) Our fabulous boss told me she’ll need me to come back for the Holiday meeting so people will show up… I’ll see what I can do. Haha.

It has been a joy and a privilege to spend my days and nights working with these fabulous people over the last few years and I will absolutely miss them, for sure.

So Sbux friends: Thank you for making work so very much fun…

THANKS: for always being entertained with me about the seriously awkward moments that would never happen to anyone but ME, ALL the time. Thanks for defending me when people want to beat me up because “my laugh has been driving them crazy for THREE HOURS!” (everyone) …  for making me laugh and laughing with me, and because of me – but not AT me (Tommy)….for listening to my girly stories (Nicole) … for asking me random questions about Adam’s other wife or dinosaurs (Matt) … for long discussions about cheese (Loni and Sam) … for fixing my flat tires (Son) … for making awesome monster cookies (Chelsea) … for always calling me names that are not REALLY my name (Shawn) … for not hating me when I drive you places and get lost (Kelly) … and for being pretty much the cutest pregnant Barista ever and putting up with my friends and their slow clap madness the other night (Lisa).

And as previously stated, I hope you all know that I pretty much just love you! (And not because you gave me presents tonight!)

But, I do have one request: keep the Shanda drinks alive!


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