1: one last fight

1. In 22 hours I will be taking off in a plane that will take me, eventually, to the other side of the world where I will then LIVE. Say what? :)

2. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna forget to do some important things, but I’m pretty sure that no one will die because of it… so, I’m just gonna do my best and move on with things.

3. My roommate brought me a present today. Apparently, she found an extra ipod she’d had sitting somewhere for a while and decided it needed to make a new home with me on the other side of the world. This is amazing because for a couple of years now I’ve been using an ipod with a broken screen and well, this will be so much lovelier than that. :) Thanks friend! You are sooooo wonderful (and really your wonderfulness has nothing to do with the ipod… but still, that too is wonderful!)!

4. In an hour or so I’m meeting some of my dearest friends for coffee at my bux. It’s a sweet little “last – for now” moment.

5. I had one last fight with the dog… sigh. (Brady and I have a love/hate relationship, for sure… but… I’ll admit… I might miss him sometimes.) For your viewing pleasure:

6. Back to my “to do” list. :)


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