5: 99 lbs?

99 lbs?


Not impossible.

But hard.

For sure.

At some point in the next couple of days, I may decide overweight fees are worth it…

I just wish I understood what the overweight fees would be…

Flat fee? No. Complicated formula? Yes.

Overweight charges=(weight of checked baggage-applicable free baggage allowance) × applicable excess rate

Applicable excess rate? … calculated at 1.5% of normal one-way economy class fare per kg. The total fees shall be rounded up.

I’m pretty good at math… but I still am having a hard time wrapping my brain around this… mostly because I don’t know what the “normal one-way economy fare” is…

AND this is only PART of what makes all this baggage stuff complicated. Sigh.

Sleep. I need sleep. And maybe an answer will appear tomorrow (because I’m making a phone call or two or five).

Sunday. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday!

5 days.

And it’ll all be worth it!



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