9: single digit, WHAT?

1. As you may have noticed… I’m on the countdown. But today, the countdown becomes a COUNTDOWN! 9. 9! – single digit, WHAT?

2. I’ve said over and over… I know that I’m moving to the other side of the world. I know that I have a ONE WAY TICKET! And that when I leave here in 9 days, it will be 13 months before I step on American soil again. BUT… I don’t think I really GET it. It feels like a cloud of a dream that’s floating just out of reach. Soon. Soon, I will touch it and over time, what seems like a cloud of a dream will become a solid reality.

3. There is a super awesome theme going on in my world in recent days. ANSWERED PRAYER. Things that we (friends and I) have been praying about for months, years even, are happening! God is doing what seemed impossible, because nothing is impossible with God. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. I stand amazed. And I am so excited to keep praying and keep seeing what He does!

4. On that note, I must say… I love that I have friends who value praying with and for each other and the world around us – near and far . It’s one of my favorite things. Knowing that their prayers for me, and those around me, will only grow as I go further away brings tears to my eyes when I stop to think about it. I love that as I go, I know they will continue laboring over and serving in the areas that I can no longer be. I love that we’re unified in purpose and in this together.

5. Packing to move to the other side of the world is not an easy or simple task. There are piles of boxes to store, piles to give away… and piles of stuff that I hope to be able to take… that pile will have to get smaller. I should probably get back to it.

6. Oh and sleep. I should do that too.

7. And in case you want to know a random tidbit of my day: They recently put in a stop light at a 4 way stop where there used to be stop signs. This morning I saw a car stop for a moment and then go – straight through a red light. I thought, “Hello! Don’t you see there’s a light now? It’s big and bright!” Then, tonight I was going back over there to drop some stuff off for a friend and I stopped and waited – at a green light. “Hello! It’s big an bright!” Awesome.

8. I really like rainbows a lot.


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