11: the memories send me on my way

Yesterday, in the joy of my packing, I found notes that my family wrote to me when I went on a trip 6 years ago. My dad wrote just a few words on the bottom of my mom’s long typed out letter. After his stroke, writing was hard for him… getting his thoughts to translate to words, make it to his hands, and onto paper was kind of exhausting to him. So a few words meant a lot.


Love you email us asap I pray this will be a blessing for you and those you meat meet. We’ll be praying


He graduated to heaven 8 days after I got back from that trip… 6 years ago yesterday. Those words are… absolute treasures. (And the meat vs. meet scribble proves that I am his daughter! I stink at homophones! Thanks Daddy!)

As I prepare to move to the other side of the world, I have these moments that I stop and think of him knowing that… He would be so proud… because he always was.

I stop and I smile, sometimes a teary eyed smile, and I keep going.

I am very blessed to have pieces of him like that little note I found and the memories of his proud teary eyes. In times like this, the memories send me on my way.

And off I go…



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