1. I am really tired.

2. I would like to be in bed…

3. but there is a LOT of stuff on my bed.

4. Stuff like: Boxes, piles, a suitcase – overflowing of all the clothes I might take with me.

5. I know, if I want to be in bed it would make sense that I would do something to make that happen so you’re probably wondering why I’m writing an unnecessary numbered list on my blog right now.

6. I need (okay, I think I need… but I’m probably wrong) a break before I move this stuff. After writing, a wave of energy will hit that will allow me to move this stuff off.

7. Maybe, in the meantime a chimney sweep will show up at my house. Why might I be waiting for a chimney sweep? Because then, maybe, I wouldn’t have to clean up.

8. That makes no sense, you’re thinking. I was just talking to my friend Sam (which can always explain any random thing that anyone says). He asked me what I was doing and this conversation occurred…

Me: I’m sitting on the floor and wanting the stuff I have all over my bed to just zip itself out of my way so I can go to bed.

Sam: that gonna happen?

Me: I dunno… I haven’t figured out how Mary Poppins does it.

Sam: i think you need to kiss a chimney sweep

Me: ohhhhh

9. I’m not feeling very hopeful…

10. There is nothing on my walls, nothing in my drawers, very little on my shelves, and not a ton in the closet…

11. There’s a lot in boxes, in the trash, and in tubs to give away.

12. It’s like I’m moving or something.

13. I’m pretty sure this numbered list contains very little of what I planned for it to contain.. but I don’t know, because I can’t remember.

14. Time to find that burst of energy and clean off the bed.

15. zzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (I don’t actually snore.)


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