16: soak up the moments

I just looked at a calendar. 15 days of living life in America. On the 16th day, I fly. On the 17th day, I land. I’ve been thinking mostly on the logistical side of things the last few weeks. There has been a lot of stuff that needs to get done, and there still is. But I want to…

soak up my moments

with the people

the places

and the things

that have seemed so normal

for so long.

I want to sit in MY coffee shop and read books and write in my journal and see another familiar face walk in every time I look up. I want to go to the grocery store and enjoy the familiarity of the aisles. I want to walk outside, even though it’s hot, and enjoy the lack of pollution. I want to run over to walmart twice in one day because I forgot something I needed. I want to roam the aisles of a book store where everything is in English. I want to get in my (borrowed – thanks Keith, Keith’s grandpa, and Heather!) vehicle and drive two miles to the nearest QT for a Diet Dr Pepper because, though there are several gas stations between here and there, I just really like their ice and cups. I want to stop by sonic between 2 and 4 and get my $1 strawberry limeaide. I want to go to Chik-fil-A, order a 6 piece nugget kids meal, go back and ask to trade my toy for an ice cream, tell them thank you, and listen to them say, “my pleasure!” I want to eat way too many chips and salsa at Christina’s.

I want to have late night conversations with good friends. I want to watch mindless tv with my roommate and then talk about something deep and theological until 2am. I want to have coffee with Lauren on Friday and call her when I’m on my way and say, “I’m running a little late.” and then laugh when she says, “oh good! me too!” (Because we do that every week!) I want to go to a movie with Erin and then sit in the car and analyze it to pieces. I want to make as many “your face” comments as I possibly can that make Ben shake his head at me. I want to deliver pastries “from Tommy” to Keith’s house (and if I do, this time he must share them with Heather). I want to watch Josh get mad that someone took his table.

I want to enjoy the convenience of being in the same (or at least not one too far away) time zone as most all of you so that communication is so easy! I want to laugh with friends until my stomach hurts! I want to go sit in my church and worship next to people that have walked through life with me, raising our hands in awe of our God, together.

I want to leave voicemails, long ones, for all of my “speed dial girls” that are scattered all over the country and yet I manage to talk to them almost everyday! :)

Yep, that’s what I’m gonna do… for the next 15 days.

(That… and…
meet my team
figure out more logistics
go to my good bye party
cry a little here and there.)


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