19: So, hello whirlwind. Let’s do this!

Well, a month in CA seemed like a long time… and then it flew by like a whirlwind! I should have expected that. So, here I am back in TX. As I expected, it feels normal but also… totally not normal. I went to church this morning. Again, normal… and totally not normal. During announcements in my class/fellowship group, a friend announced that I was back “on a pit stop.” It made me laugh… but it’s true. I’m here. But I leave in 19 days. Talk about whirlwinds…

As I saw people today that I hadn’t seen in a month, I got a lot of questions. I think at least 20 people asked me, “Are you excited?”  Yes. Yes, I am. Thanks for reminding me. :)

So, hello whirlwind. Let’s do this!


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