LOVE being his sister


I had wanted a sister. My mom had asked me, “If you have a brother will you still love him?” Apparently I told her, “I’ll love him. But I’m NOT gonna like him!” Yeah. I was special. But then they brought him home and my opinion quickly changed. I LOVED having a brother and I told him mom, “I was just kidding! I really wanted a brother!”

That happened 24 years ago today. Benjamin Paul showed up in my world and suddenly I was a sister. I must say, I love him AND I kinda like him too! :) I could fill pages and pages with stories of our brother/sister story…

I always felt responsible for him when he was younger. In the nursery at church, I made sure he was taken care of. When babysitters came over, I made sure they knew what they were doing. When he was scared at night, I held his hand until he fell asleep. When he was getting YELLED at for not coming home after school, I made our dad calm down. When he wanted to learn how to dress, I took him shopping and picked out all his clothes. When I went away to college, he called and tell me his girl problems and I would share my wisdom.  He’d also call and complain that our Dad was punishing him for something stupid, and I’d call and talk some sense into Daddy. When he joined the Marines and was about to be sent to war, I flew to North Carolina to spend a week with him before he left. I couldn’t believe that the little boy whose hand I used to hold when he was scared was now old enough to go off to war… but he was… and he did… and even THAT was 6 years ago… and he just keeps growin up, into less of that little boy and more of a man.

He doesn’t need me to take care of him anymore. In fact, often times he ends up taking care of me. I’ve been so blessed to share most of my life with him. I can not even fathom what life would be like without him and he will forever be one of my very favorite people in the entire world.

And here is a list of some of my favorite things about this BIGGER little brother of mine:

– He makes “your mom” jokes back and forth with me.

– He is a hard hard worker.

– He is very brave.

– He makes family a priority.

– He PRETENDS he’s a jerk sometimes, but he’s really quite a softy.

– He has a rescue/escape plan for me if ever I need to be saved from a bad situation overseas (and “it’s not going to be pretty”).

– He still loves me even though I traumatized him when he was a kid by telling him he wasn’t mature enough to hang out with me and my friends. (I don’t really remember that… but it clearly happened.)

– He’s a good sharer. (He even shared his car with me for over a year!)

So little brother… I’m proud of you and all you’ve become so far. You’re gonna get even better than you are now… I just know it! …  and I can’t wait to see.

I love you little brother! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



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