24: a numbered list, a few answers, and some hiccups

1. Today feels like another day for a numbered list.

2. According to my 17 year old brother who will soon be the driver of Chitty (my awesome Honda CRV of a car that isn’t mine for much longer) I am not a good driver.

3. I want to argue and say that he’s wrong but… He’s right. And what kind of a driver will I be after having not been behind the wheel of a car for a year at a time? … sigh … Only time will tell.

4. I have a few answers to questions that some of you have been asking. A few less I don’t knows is a seriously wonderful thing.
Yes, I will have airconditioning and heating in my apartment. Yes, I will have internet access supplied in my apartment. Yes, I will have a washer. No, I will not have a dryer. (That’s what the air is for!)

5. I can see my neighborhood on google earth now because I have an actual address in my hands. There is an elementary school down the street and a middle school arund the corner. The river is just to the SW, in walking distance I’d say. The market is just down the street. It’s all looking to be quite real.

6. I am a coffee drinker. This is not a surprise to anyone. But I drink coffee in the morning… and then… sometime between 2 and 6pm I hit a WALL… and if I want to keep going with any sort of meaningful activity, I probably have to have another cup. I find this to be pathetic and I think that I probably should, once again, cut back. And yet, it’s a comforting little routine that currently costs me no money… so, for now… pour me another cup of the stuff and let’s GO.

7. I LOVE the smell of honeysuckle. Today I sat outside by a bush of it and read and I thought, I wonder if there is honeysuckle scented lotion because I want to smell this everywhere I go…

8. There is something wonderful about seeing a dear friend you haven’t seen in several years. Especially when it still feels natural that you’d be in the same room after all this time.

9. I’m currently very frustrated with some details I have to deal with that I didn’t know I would have to deal with. BUT I WILL NOT LET THEM SUCK AWAY MY JOY! (That was me talking to myself really because I kinda feel like I’m letting them suck away my joy and well, that’s stupid…)

10. Because my life is seriously awesome and a few hiccups of annoyance in the road are absolutely worth it.


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