25: I’m a baby. Learning to walk.

I don’t remember learning to walk
but I’ve watched a lot of kids do it.
They get this seriously amazing look of joy on their faces
every time they are successful in taking a step.
At the beginning, the successful steps are few and far between.
They mostly wobble around and fall a lot!
And they scream and cry.
They get bruises and scratches and bumps on their heads.
But the screaming and crying soon fade away.
They get right back to it
because they are sooooo excited to take another step!
It’s full of so much potential.
A whole new world opens up as a child takes their first steps.
Sure. They don’t have a clue what they are doing.
And running… that’s out of the question for a while…
But they are walking… and walking means exploring… and new adventures…
And they know, the falling is worth it
because eventually, they’ll be able to walk around like mommy and daddy do. :)
I feel like that.
I’m a baby. Learning to walk.
I’m gonna fall.
I have no idea what I’m doing.
But every successful step makes my face LIGHT up with JOY!!!
I’m finally doing it. I’m finally moving forward.


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