27: how small I am

days until everything changes. :)

(Yes… the official countdown has begun.)

I tend to do a lot of things last minute. “I work best under pressure…” is something I’ve said way too many times. I guess this is not technically “last minute” since I have 27 days… but the pressure is definitely on and a lot needs to be done. The planner and organizer in me is finally surfacing. I couldn’t find her. Here she is. I got a lot of stuff done this morning and I’m feeling really good about that. Sigh (of relief).

NOW… I’m going to go grab coffee at a coffee shop a friend works at and then go to my favorite place in San Diego, if not in the WORLD, and I’m going to sit and be productive in a whole different way…


… gazing out into the Pacific… remembering how small I am… and how BIG God is. And just being still.

This spot is one I’ve gone to many many many times. I always tell people it’s like medicine for my soul. Before every big life change, I’ve had days of contemplation and stillness there. So, I guess it’s about time for another one. :)



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