Dear _______,

Dear family,
I am so grateful for you. You make me laugh – each in your own way. You drive me crazy – each in your own way. I drive you crazy – each in your own way. I have just a little over a week left to spend with you and then I won’t see you for a year. That’s not all that abnormal these days but it still makes me sad. Thank you for letting me go. Thanks for never making me feel guilty for leaving you. Thanks for dreaming God sized dreams with me and for me.

Dear CA Friends,
I love the history we have. I love that you knew me when… I love that I knew you when. I love that I can come back to you, no matter how long I’ve been away, and I can just step back into your lives for however long I’m here like it’s the most normal thing in the world. I miss you when I’m gone… but you’ve all helped me to become who I am, so really, you go with me. Thanks for being the people I can always come home to. I need that.

Dear Texas Friends,
I love that I’ve only known MOST of you for somewhere between 2 and 3.5 years and yet, you KNOW me. I love that I know that when I come back from the other side of the world, it’s going to be challenging to know how to split my time between YOU and my family and friends in CA because you’ve become home to me too (not Texas… but you people). I love that I’m thrilled that in a couple weeks, we’ll be reunited. And I love that I cry every time I think about leaving you again just a couple weeks later. I love that you have gladly walked with me through this whole process and that you have played such significant roles in getting me to where I’m going.

Dear Scattered Friends,
I love knowing you and sharing life with you from a distance. I love that with each of you there are different stories: some of you I met on the other side of the world, some of you I met in college or Sem… etc. I love that we’ve kept in touch. I love that
no matter where you are, we’re still in this thing together. I love that I know that you’ve gone through many of the things I have gone through or am or will be going though. I love that I have learned from your adventures. I can’t wait to run into you again somewhere, someday.


One thought on “Dear _______,

  1. You have been on an exciting journey! It has been amazing to watch Him transform you goals and ambitions! Thank you for sharing your journey with so many people, including me!

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