tidbits from my very random/awesome/wacky life

A Numbered List of tidbits from my very random/awesome/wacky life

1. I just ate a cold banana pancake and it was amazing.
2. I currently have a spreadsheet titled “June To Do List.” Everyday it shrinks … and everyday it grows, again. It is not a numbered list. It’s a 7 column categorized list, color coded and everything.
3.  I think numbered lists make me feel like there is still a bit of order in my life, even though there is no rhyme or reason to the numbering of most of my lists.
4. I’m currently OBSESSED with hiking and picnics… and if you can put the two together… JOY!
5. I’m currently in the middle of reading 5… maybe 6 or 7… books… Because, well… I am an A.D.D. reader.
6. I can not for the life of me remember if my family’s dog is Bradley or Brady almost every time I talk to him.
7. I’m very disappointed that Jenny and Lori did not watch the gorillas today when they were at the San Diego Zoo.
8. Yesterday, I had a conversation about wanting to be a bird… and I concluded that if I was a bird, I would want to be a rainbow colored eagle.
9. I really want to go to La Jolla Cove right NOW… and I’m very tempted to just do it.
10. Spoiled ketchup is seriously disgusting.
11. Post it notes are my favorite “office” product.
12. Oh, unless you count pens… then I’d have to go with Sharpie Pens as being my favorite.
13. I love when dogs tilt their heads out of curiosity.
14. If I was a dog, my head would probably always be tilted. (I know… I just opened myself up for all sorts of being made fun of.)
15. Jenny Cummings made me paint my toe nails green… and almost all the time, I regret that I let her convince me to do that… but I also think it’s funny, so I leave it.
16. I’m gonna go sit somewhere outside and read a book now.
17. I’ve got nothing… I just wanted to end on a prime number. :)


2 thoughts on “tidbits from my very random/awesome/wacky life

  1. I always want to go hiking! But I think the hiking here in the desert is a little different than SD. Oh, and what’s La Jolla Cove like?

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