Dear friends,

Thank you:

– for the smile you bring to my face when I see yours.

– for making me laugh… loudly and often.

– for appreciating the ridiculous things I say.

– for saying ridiculous things back.

– for text messages that make me snort.

– for making me feel like I will be missed when I’m gone.

– for asking me to “make things happen” that I have no power to do.

– for tears.

– for prayers.

– for looks in your eyes that say, “good job.”

– for telling me when I’m stupid.

– for letting me tell you when you’re stupid.

– for discussing books with me.

– for discussing the Bible with me.

– for telling me what God is teaching you.

– for caring what I think about things.

– for making fun of me.

– for laughing “because of me” not “at me.”

– for helping me find courage.

– for teaching me oh so many things.

I find all such things absolutely delightful… like your face. ;)




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