Because of my mom…

I feel like stories about my dad appear more on my blog than stories about my mom… I guess that just happens when you miss someone… but because I think my mom is equally awesome and influential, my first “Because of ____” post is going to be about her.

I’m a pastor’s kid.  You’ve all heard stories about those.  Things don’t always turn out well.  There are many reasons for that.  I experienced many of the negative aspects of such a life myself.  Trust me.  And yet, I think it all turned out pretty well.  Both of my parents had something to do with that… but today I will tell one particular story about one particular moment.

I was in elementary school.  I don’t recall exactly how old I was.  I would guess it was about 2nd grade.  It was a Wednesday night.  Our church had prayer meeting, Bible study, and choir practice.  After Bible study, all the kids whose parents were in choir went to the playground.  I wasn’t supposed to because I had a responsibility… but I didn’t want responsibility.  I wanted to have fun.

See… my dad was the Minister of Music and Education.  He led choir practice.  At this particular time in our church, volunteers were sparse and NO one was willing to hang out on Wednesday nights and run the sound system for the choir.  So, my dad taught me how to work all the dials on the sound board and I had to sit up in the balcony and listen and adjust accordingly… push play on the cassette tapes… rewind… etc.  But suddenly, this particular day… I HATED that.

I snuck off and my mom came and found me.  I said, “I’m not going to do it.”  She said, “Shanda, you have to.  There is no one else who can.”  I said, “Why?  I just want to be like all the other kids and go play.”  She said something like this: “Well, I’m really sorry to tell you this Shanda… but you are not just like all the other kids.  You have a Dad that God called to be in ministry… and that is not a mistake.  God put YOU in this family because he wants YOU to live a life that is different from all the other kids.  I know it is not easy… but this is not just your dad’s job… this is our whole family’s life and ministry.  We do it together.  We will try to let you be a kid and enjoy life like the other kids do, but you will also have responsibilities that they do not and it isn’t just because WE give them to you.  It’s because God put you in this position.”  

I cried… and then I went up into the sound booth… and I did what I had to do… but I told God I was mad at him for not letting me be normal.

And today I think… If my mom hadn’t taught me that I was made for something other than a normal life, I might have settled for a normal life… whatever that is… and I would probably not be where I am today.  So thanks Mom.  I didn’t like it then… but I love it now.

Because of my mom, I am where I am.


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