“Because of _______” (an intro)

I had an interesting conversation with a guy at Starbucks recently.  Imagine that. It was clear from the first moments of conversation that he had some special needs so, even more than usual, I was glad to give him some attention and be his friend.  He rambled on and on about his day and all the trouble he had buying vitamins and how his outing which should have taken 10 minutes, took him an hour.  (He came back later that day to tell me that half of what he said was a lie and “all for flattery.”  I found that confusing but in a strange sort of way, it was kinda sweet… weird… but sweet… and then he might have returned a third time a couple hours later, when his “nerves calmed down,” to ask if he could take me to dinner…  :)  Ah the life of a chatty Barista!)

Some of what he said really made no sense so I was doing a lot of smiling and nodding.  Then he said:  “It’s like life is a person and it never tells you what it’s going to do!  I wish it would just tell me every morning what it was going to do today so I could be prepared.” Until that point I was just being a kind listener, but I suddenly was interested in the conversation and I had something to say… “Hmm… well, life is not a person… but life is filled with people… and we all make choices… the big challenge comes in the fact that it isn’t just YOUR choices that you have to live with, right?  Because the choices of all the people around you have a major impact on your life… Even the people you never meet.”  We talked about that for several minutes.  He then began talking about one of his favorite movies: Magnolia with Tom Cruise.  I told him I had never seen it.  He said it was like Crash but “way more beautiful!” and that I absolutely had to see it.  I told him I would keep that in mind.

I spent a lot of time that day, while making shaken iced tea lemonaids and vanilla soy lattes, thinking about choices – mine and other people’s.  It’s amazing to think about how much my life has been affected by other people’s choices – big and small.  I tend to spend a lot of time reflecting on how I got to where I am.  It just fascinates me, really.  It’s such an intricately detailed map that leads to this spot.  I keep having thoughts that go something like this: “If __________ had never done/said _________ , I would not have _____________ , and none of this would be happening!”

So… I’ve decided to begin a series on my blog called… “Because of _______ ” Your name just MIGHT show up in the _______ at some point, so keep an eye out!

And Starbucks guy (I’m really sorry but I forgot your name :/) … Thanks for the inspiration.  I can tell you are a very kind young man and it really was very nice to meet you, even if I said no to the dinner thing.  :)


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