“my roommate” and “FULLY alive” living

I live with Jen Smith.  Some people call her “one-N-Jen,”  some people call her “the greatest Jen ever,” some people call her “Equip Jen”… I call her, “my roommate.”

I absolutely LOVE living with her and she absolutely loves living with me.  It’s a fabulous little duo we have going on.  I hate (and am not supposed to talk about) that it will someday (not too long from now) be over.  I’m sorry that I said it in writing, but we all know it’s true… and we must face the reality, even if it is with tears in our eyes.  One of the reasons we love living together SOOOO much is that we have the most amazing talks at all hours and about all topics.

This morning, I sat indian style on the couch with a cup of coffee and my Bible while she perched herself on the fireplace… and we began discussing the way we live our lives and how people who do not live their lives this way really do not understand us and maybe think we are fanatical… or just insane…

Later on she put one of our shared FAVORITE Erwin quotes as her Facebook status:

To those who cannot see the invisible, to those who refuse to believe it exists, the path you choose, the life you live, may lead them to conclude that you are not simply different but insane. People who are fully alive look out of their minds to those who simply exist. ~Erwin McManus

It is my goal to live this way, ALL the time.  I do it some of the time now… but not always.  Sometimes, I settle in to simply existing… but it can’t last too long because my soul has tasted what it means to be FULLY alive and, as absolutely terrifying as it is and as exhausting as it has potential to be, I CRAVE such a life.

But sometimes, I feel so stretched into this path of fully living that even I start to think I might be insane/out of my mind…

Maybe that’s where I need to be… Out of my mind, and into the mind of Christ…

Just thinking.  And I have many more thoughts so my blog might explode soon.  Or my brain might.  We’ll see which happens first.

And Jen… don’t worry… when I am no longer in the house, you can find me in email… or over telephones… or on skype… or via airplanes… Our amazing talks will not end because… well, we both will need them.  I’m pretty sure.


2 thoughts on ““my roommate” and “FULLY alive” living

  1. I’m leaving too…and I’m not allowed to talk about it! So funny. But Jen…you will do well. Anyone who has ever been “Shanda-nized” is the better for it. And I also think you should post that Erwin quote to my new post because that is my life! Who knows where I’ll be. No one understands us, Shanda…we are always on the move! But I wouldn’t change it for anything. (Or you, for that matter!)

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