… just another evening in OUR house…

An evening in the Jen/Shanda/Brady Dog household might very well include:

– Folding laundry (because it never seems to be done)

– Realizing that a t-shirt is very old, stained, and needs to be thrown away… tossing it on the floor to take it to the trash when done…

– Realizing about the same time that it might be rather entertaining to put it on the dog, instead of in the trash…

– Brady-Dog wearing clothes for the first time in his life… never knew what he was missing!

– Jen and me drinking tea

– Me wearing mis-matched socks, again

– Jen feeding Brady pancakes to reward him for putting up with two crazy women!

– Watching a movie from Red-Box

– Turning on LA Ink for some further entertainment

– A few flarp noises

– Jen making fun of me for, again, opening the microwave a few seconds before it beeped

– Taking pictures of said randomness

– Etc.

Come hang out!  It’s a party! :)


2 thoughts on “… just another evening in OUR house…

  1. 1.) I feel sorry for the dog.
    2.) LA Ink? Seriously?
    3.) I still can’t handle the mis-matched socks.
    4.) This all is proof why we are friends. :)

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