best text message EVER!

Adventures in the Far East:

Once upon a time, Emily and I were sitting around in our hotel room… sharing our life stories or something awesome like that.  :)  “Do you hear music?”  We looked around… Emily realized her leg had somehow bumped our cell phone and made a call.  The music was the phone “ringing.”  She picked up the phone and hung it up before anyone answered.  We wondered who she’d been calling.  She tossed me the phone and I tried to figure out where this number came from.  I had no idea.  It wasn’t one of our friends.  Then the phone rang… They were calling us back!  I answered.  “Hello?”  “Hello.”   I thought, oh – he speaks English. I said, “I’m sorry.  We called you on accident.  I don’t know if we know you.  Who is this?”  He said, “Who is THIS?”  I said, “This is Shanda… and Emily.  I don’t think we have met.  I am sorry that we called you on accident.  Have a good day!”  He said, “Thank you.  Bye.”  About 30 minutes later, this text message arrived:

I did not respond.



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