friends who… enhance the oddness in my life.

I’m odd.  I’m told this daily… and I blame that on my friend Ben Burge who originally defined me as such.  And you know what, I accept it.  I even embrace it.  I might even feel sorry for people who are not odd.  Just sayin…

I love love love friends who accept, embrace, and even enhance the oddness in my life.  :)

As previously mentioned… Jenny (who is a prime example of such a friend), Beth (her friend who is now my friend too – and I quickly learned she can hang well with the odd), and I ventured to Birmingham, AL where we had a fabulously odd and adventure filled day.  We acted like idiots and entertained ourselves in ridiculous ways.  Birmingham is far from the most exciting place I’ve ever been… but, I’m not lying when I say… it was one of my favorite days, ever.  :)

A few highlights in pictures:

We went to the flowerless botanical gardens… and we had to entertain ourselves somehow…  While Beth is wonderful in many ways, she’s not very good at PRETENDING to fall into a cactus.  :) Quality bonding going on as I remove the pricks from her sweater… Birmingham is the brownest city I’ve ever seen… Sometimes Jenny can be a LITTLE bit dramatic… But, she really is scared of heights… There may have been a situation in which an escape was necessary…


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