books I read become a part of me… Chasing Daylight…

I love looking at people’s book shelves.  You can learn a lot about someone by what they read (if they are a reader, that is).

I’m a reader… I don’t read as MUCH as I would like to… but the books I read often become a part of who I am.  So, if you want to know who I am… come look at my bookshelf.  :)

Tonight, I pulled a book off my shelf that has impacted my life tremendously.  I don’t think I would have moved to TX if I hadn’t read it when I did.  And if I hadn’t moved to TX, a lot about my life would be different.  I can’t even imagine really.

The book: Chasing Daylight by Erwin McManus.

I flipped through the pages and read parts that I underlined, circled, starred, etc.  Things that hit me in the gut the first time I read them… and still do when I read them today…

I felt like sharing a few because I just LOVE it… and need the reminders right now…

“To sleep through your dreams is to choose a life of restless nights and unfulfilled days.  To avoid the pain of fear, doubt, and disappointment we have numbed ourselves from the exhilaration of a life fully lived… You might be asking, I’m not sure if I really want to undertake an enterprise of a hazardous nature.  Is a life of adventure really worth the risk?  Is is really necessary? Yes, you can choose to play it safe, you can choose to settle for less, but never forget this: You were born to live a great adventure; You were created with a divine destiny; You are called to fulfill a great mission.  You were designed for a unique purpose.  Now you are called to live it out.”

“The most important moments rarely come at convenient times.  Sometimes you wish that God would check your calendar first.  The ironic part is that our schedules get packed with the mundane and ordinary, and we become irritated with God when He interrupts us with the miraculous and extraordinary.”

“There are things God does for you and things that God waits for you to do.  The journey begins when you choose.  Stop wasting daylight.  Choose a life of meaningful adventure.  When you do, you will live in the epicenter of God’s activity.”

“You can’t follow God in neutral.”

“The challenges you are willing to face will rise in proportion to the character you are willing to develop.  With the depth of godly character comes an intensity of godly passion.  It is in this process of transformation that we find the fuel to engage with confidence the opportunities placed before us.”

“Isn’t the essence of spiritual leadership someone who is willing to follow God first and closest?”

“When you move with God, He always shows up.  It’s just difficult to predict what He will do or how He will do it.  If you wait for guarantees, the only thing that will be guaranteed is that you will miss endless divine opportunities – that you can know for certain.”

“When we play it safe, we squeeze God out of the formula… Whenever we take on a God-sized challenge, self-sufficiency is no longer an option.”

“The moment in which we have the most to gain is also the moment we have the most to surrender.”

“If you have never failed, you have never really lived.  When you follow God, He takes you beyond your own capacities, forces you to go beyond your abilities… Failure is often the context for miracles.  We all want miracles, but we try to avoid needing them.”

“What is it about our conversations with God that we seem to hear the no more readily than the yes?  Many times when we claim we are waiting on God, He is waiting on us.”

“If your church is full of members, you get an occasional missionary.  If your church is full of missionaries, the rest is about geography.”

“Live out what God has already spoken, and you will not find God silent.”

“Prayer should move you, not paralyze you.  And when you pray with intent to obey, you become a magnet who draws others into God’s presence.”

“There is an old saying that there are no atheists in foxholes.  I wonder if it’s also true that there are no true believers in bomb shelters.”

“No football team has ever won a Super Bowl on the strength of the huddle.  It’s what happens after the ‘ready, break’ that brings the victory.”

I kinda went crazy with that… but om… how could I not?  It’s such good stuff.  Stuff that helped me get to where I am… and where I’m going…


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