The person in the world who I laugh with the most…

… is Jenny Cummings.  We bring out the ridiculousness in each other and it’s wonderful!  (We also have great meaningful conversations… but that’s not what I’m here to talk about!)  So, we scraped our pennies together and I flew to ATL – the current home of said individual.

It was a delightful 3.5 days and 4 nights!  Here’s a little bit of our weekend:

We went for a walk  along the Chattahoochee River… Which I thought needed some new names like the Chattaskanky…

Jenny took me to the very first ever ever ever Chick-fil-a… which is also known as the Dwarf House… The waitress (because they have those at this Chick-fil-a, how weird is THAT?) gave me a free piece of pie AND a little “eat more chicken” cow!

I love cemeteries.  Some people think that’s weird but I think they are peaceful and good reminders of the brevity of this life.  Jenny took me to Oakland Cemetery – where civil war soldiers, and famous golfer – Bobby Jones, are buried.

I drank coffee while Jenny took a snooze (apparently, I wore her and her allergies out!).

AND we went to Alabama for a day!  (Mostly because I REALLY wanted another state.)  It turned out to be pretty much the best day of our lives.  It deserves a post all its own… You should be excited for that – coming soon!


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