moving my life… and a 90 day journey…

I mentioned previously that I would soon share about an upcoming life change…

Well, here it is… short and sweet version…

I’m moving my life to Asia in mid-June.  I sent an email with details last week.  If you’re interested and did not receive that email, let me know!

— — — — —

In the meantime, I’m on this great journey with several friends.  We decided to read through the Bible in 90 days — straight through from Genesis to Revelation, almost like a novel.  I know it kind of sounds crazy… but let me tell you, it’s amazing!!!

We just finished week one (in which we read through ALL of Genesis and Exodus).  The week was filled with moments of amazement at our God, as we saturate ourselves with His Word and see His character revealed in history.  It has also been filled with far more conversations about scripture than we normally have.  There are 8 of us going through this reading schedule…  (and, can I just say? I am ridiculously grateful to have friends who willingly jump into such a task!)  We email back and forth as we come up with questions and observations.  Whenever any of us are together (which happens daily), we talk about what we’re learning and things we’re seeing that we’ve never noticed before or have not thought about in a while.

I highly recommend doing this, especially with a group! What I keep telling people is this: It’s like watching LOST (or any other intense tv series) on DVD – several episodes at a time, blazing through a season in a few days rather than a few months.  You pick up on things that you don’t normally notice when it’s more spread out.  Details come together.  Often times, as we read scripture we study fragmented stories without stopping to think about how it connects to all the others, but the Bible truly is ONE unified story of truth and reading this way really brings that out.

Another beneficial aspect is that it forces us to be disciplined and to adjust your priorities and schedule to fit in all the reading.  I’m a semi-slow reader (which always surprises people because I read so much), so it takes me at least 1.5 hours a day.  Some people can do it in 45 minutes or 1 hour.

If you’re interested in doing this sometime, you can find a reading schedule HERE.

I’m sure several of my posts coming up will be inspired by this journey.  :)

(And speaking of LOST… I am so excited for season 6!)

Now I’m off to read Leviticus!  (Another benefit… you get through these “harder to read” books in just two or three days!)


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