with us always

To start my post off with a “sidenote”…

I absolutely love being a part of the Body of Christ.  I love that “my church” (huge as it may be) is just a tiny little part of the THE church I belong to.  I love that as a member of this body, I am never never never never never on this journey alone!  No matter where following Jesus takes me, I’m never the only one who has been taken to such a place!  No matter how many times in life I “leave people behind”, my brothers and sisters will always go with me in prayer, and whether we are in the same place or not, we are all living with the same mission – our hearts will always be united in purpose!

I love that when I “left people behind” to come to TX, I found MORE hearts united with one purpose and quickly extended my family in a massive way!  I also love that I wasn’t the only one who moved this way.  My best/longest friend (longest in duration of friendship, not heighth… although, she IS tall), Jessica, moved to Austin to go to law school… just 3 hours down the road from me.  Two others of my dearest friends and sisters from Cali can be found  nearby as well.  Anissa is in Norman, OK… 3 hours north of me… and Candice, is just an hour or two (depending on the day) west of here!  It’s awesome to be able to “get away”  and visit each other regularly!  I’ve loved each time I have had the chance to slip into their worlds and to visit their churches… which are, ya know, all a part of THE church that I belong to!

“Sidenote” over and on to “the main point” …

Jessica has a GREAT church in Austin – The Austin Stone!  They have presented a challenge that I think is just fabulous!!!  From within their community they are asking and PRAYING that 100 people will begin the process THIS YEAR to go for TWO YEAR TERMS to UNREACHED PEOPLE GROUPS around the world!  The first 2 are about to be sent and just posted a bit of their story of deciding to go!  It encouraged the socks off of me!!!  (Okay, I wasn’t really wearing socks… but if I was, they just might have flown off when I read this!)

Here is the last paragraph of their post: Long story short, we’re going because the call is out there, and we trust Him. There was no great big lightening bolt in the sky, no flashing sign showing us the way, just the whisper of a Savior asking if we’d like to join the fight. And we said yes. Why? Because we truly believe He is with us always. And you know what, I can’t wait for Him to prove that over and over.  (Click here to read the whole thing!)

I am also in a preparation phase, getting ready to take my life to another part of the world a few months from now.  I’ve begun writing a post about how and where this journey will take me… but for some reason, I just can’t find all the words yet.  It will come in the next couple of days.

In the meantime, think about this:

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