my prayer for the new year/decade

Oh gracious Father…  A new year and a new decade are here and along with them will come many changes!  As these changes come (the expected and the unexpected) I long to live each moment with you as the focal point of my eyes, my heart, my mind, and my everything.  I long to know you more and to help as many people as possible to know you in a deeply personal way.  Will you help me, Father, to think less of myself and more of you?  Will you teach me to think heavenword and to not be so earthbound?  I ask that you would guide me down a path that will bring you glory.  I long to live a valuable life: one that at the end will cause people, not to praise ME, but to praise YOU!  Help me to be willing to stick out and not fit in to the flows of this sin-filled world.  Mold my heart as you wish.  It is yours.  I am yours.


One thought on “my prayer for the new year/decade

  1. Lovely wonderful pray with a lovely sense of the genius of God, interwined with our great love and need to portray God’s wonder!!!

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