if a camera followed me around …

I just watched this crazy reality tv show that’s filmed in the area I live in.  One of the girls on it is actually a customer of mine.  She seems like a sweet girl.  She’s always friendly and pleasant.  I saw a commercial for the show and thought — hey… I know her.  So the next time I saw her, I asked about it and told her I’d have to watch it.  She said, “No, please don’t.  It’s embarrassing.  We filmed at the beginning of the summer and now I’m having to relive all the drama over again.”

I tivoed it, of course.  As you watch the show you see drama… money… drama… possessions… drama… social status… DRAMA!  And I realize it’s reality tv and that reality tv is rarely, if ever, actually reality… but I also know that though it may be embellished and edited to get higher ratings, it’s still real video footage that does, at least somehow, reflect these people’s lives.  And I see why she’s embarrassed.

And tonight after watching it I thought… How would I feel if a camera followed me around during my worst moments? Om… yeah… No thank you.  What in my life would I be embarrassed to see on TV? I could write a list… and the thing is…

I want to live a valuable life – one that matters in eternity – one that pleases my Creator.  And there are things I need to change.  It’s easy to watch a show about people who are very different than I am and point out all the insanely wacked out priorities in their lives… It’s harder to look at my own life and do the same thing…

Yesterday I read a little bit of The Journals of Jim Elliot. I was encouraged and challenged by two prayers he prayed…

“Lord, I want to be centering my interest on Thee… Be then revealed to me that my desires might be fixed on the primary thing.”


“God, I pray, light these idle sticks of my life and may I burn up for Thee.  Consume my life, my God, for it is Thine.  I seek not a long life but a full one like Yours, Lord Jesus.”

So this week, my challenge is to remain focused on the primary thing and to be consumed by Him… living a full life…

And that is my random ramblings for the night.  ;)


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