In case you’re curious…

In case you’re curious what is going on in the life of Me these days… Here’s an update for you!

1. My final semester of Seminary is in progress… and it only involves 1 class!  And it’s the easiest class of my entire degree.  Yeah.  Kind of awesome.  I do still have random tinges of fear that there is some detail that is not going to work out and they will keep me in Seminary world FOR-E-VER!  But that’s not very likely.

2. With that information will come the inevitable … “So, what’s next?”    The answer is… We’ll all just have to wait and see!  :)  But… Here is what I do know.

3. I’m preparing to GO!  And the GOing will probably take place about a year from now… ish.

4. How am I preparing to GO?  Well… by paying off debt for one thing.  (My goal is to be debt free a year from now… or as close to that as possible!)  And to do that… I’m starting a second job on the 14th.  I will be Shanda the Nanny by day and Shanda the Barista by night/weekend.

5. I intend to continue these things after I graduate for a while (an undetermined length of time probably adding up to a few months-ish).  I realize it’s strange to have a graduate degree and work as a barista and nanny… but I am strange… and it’s all a step in a process of living the dreams God has put in my heart which do not really include any sort of prestigious position, but do include living in places in which I am able to influence others for the glory of God… and for now I believe those places are as a barista and a nanny.  AND because I do intend to GO I can’t start a new job requiring me to STAY after graduation.

6. Why do I keep typing GO in capital letters?  Because I’m really excited about the potential wrapped up in those two letters.

7. Where will I GO?  My current thought is somewhere in Asia… and as you are hopefully aware… I’m going to East Asia in November for 12 days.  I’m praying and believing that it will be a pivital trip for me in some way.  What that means… I can’t tell you yet (because I don’t know).

8. Who am I Nannying for?  I currently work with an awesome girl named Kristen.  She’s going to be leaving my store (Starbucks) soon to be a manager of one close to my (and her) house.  She and her husband have two beautiful little girls – Kennedy (3) and Kylie (almost 1).  I’ve had the privilege of watching them from time to time over the last few months and have really enjoyed it.  I was planning on applying to be a substitute teacher but when Kristen decided to go back to working full time… this just kind of happened!  It’s really quite perfect for all of us! (And I’m certain it will provide many stories for the blog!)

9. I’m going to be teaching Adult ESL classes at my church on Saturday evenings starting this Saturday!  I’m very excited about this as it’s really right up my ally… but I’m nervous because I’m teaching the low-beginner level (something I’ve never done) and I’ve never taught ESL to adults… but still, that is exciting because God’s strengths show up in our weaknesses.

10. My friend Erwin McManus once wrote: “I want my life to be defined by what I give.  So many moments are lost when we’re looking only for what we can get.”  I agree.


3 thoughts on “In case you’re curious…

  1. Shanda: Just wanted you to know that I’ll be lifting you up in prayer as you open your eyes and heart to God’s direction of where and how you will GO! May God be glorified in everything you say and do! May others see Jesus in You! God bless!

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