get in the car and drive…

There is something about summer… or life… that just makes me want to get in the car and drive and explore new places and things!  This desire has been intensified by a large number of friends who have had some road-trip time lately.  I’m also reading a book about two guys on a road-trip and the current sermon series at my church is called “Road Trip” (going through the Roman Road).

Sigh.  The thought is all around me.

I went to VA in June.  I went to Austin (not far but still getting out of town) in July.  I’m sure I’ll head to Oklahoma sometime in September…

But, I really want to go somewhere new!

I am excited though that my mom confirmed the fact that I have indeed been to Nebraska.  So, though I didn’t go anywhere new I did add a state to my map.

32 down.  18 to go.  Someone please kidnap me and take me to one of the not red states next week.  (If you are a weird creepy person who roamed onto my blog, I do not mean you!)

visited 32 states (64%)
Create your own visited map of The United States or website vertaling duits?


3 thoughts on “get in the car and drive…

    • Well sir… It’s called an airplane! I am hoping to make it to Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina in the next year or so! :)

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