I’m bringing Punky Brewster back!

I have a problem! I lose socks… And my solution is… Eh, why does it matter?  Just wear what you have!

I have very few that have a matching partner anymore… So, if I have socks on… odds are, they are not the same… and I don’t really care!  This was my feet today:
09 016

I’m bringing Punky Brewster back!  But really… I figure people don’t even notice. Once my shoes go on, you can barely tell!

09 018


4 thoughts on “I’m bringing Punky Brewster back!

  1. I love you. I have many a missing socks as well…their counterparts are wait anxiously in my sock drawer for their other half to suddenly appear…I should make those lost socks jealous and partner the good halves with other lonely halves. Bet that would make those long lost socks come back!!! hehehe

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