Oh yeah… dishes…

I opened this page to write a blog that was actually about SOMETHING.  But I kept thinking about random things and since I couldn’t stop my random thoughts to create any meaningful communication… I just started typing my thoughts.  A glimpse of a couple minutes in my head:

Why is my neck so sore?  I need a massage.  I want to be in the wilderness like this guy on tv.  Snow sounds really nice right now.  Is this the arctic?  Sorry people but I don’t feel like talking on the phone tonight.  Don’t take it personally.  And it’s not because I’m sad or anything.  I just have nothing to say.  I wonder who invented pillows… I like them, whoever they are.  I should do laundry.  I need to organize my closet.  Woah.  How did that guy go down a cliff using a gigantic pole/stick?  I wish I was stronger and more coordinated so I could do crazy things like that.  List of things to do: get stronger and more coordinated.  Speaking of which, Kristen and I need to figure out a time to run.  I wish I had all my painting supplies.  Painting might help me stay sane this summer.  Oh, I think I have a gift card to Michael’s somewhere.  Or did I give that away?  I need to find a very cheap creative outlet.  I wish I was better at drawing.  I want to read some more East of Eden but I’d probably fall asleep.  I guess I better go wash the dishes… I’ll do laundry tomorrow.  I wonder if the Padres beat the Rangers tonight.  I miss the days of Tony Gwynn.  Is his son playing now?  I haven’t been to a game in so long.  Maybe I should finally learn to play the guitar.  Whatever happened to that guitar I got from Emily?  It does me no good in another state.  Sigh.  My life is all over the place.  I guess that fits me.  Oh yeah… dishes…


One thought on “Oh yeah… dishes…

  1. this is the most prime example of why women are speghetti and men are like waffles… you wore me out!! haha. but I kept up, no doubt!;)

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