from his life, and from his death

I was blessed with a relationship with a loving father.  Here are a few things I learned from his life, and from his death:

I learned to laugh and laugh loudly. He was always that person who laughs insanely loud in the movie theater at parts that no one else seems to find funny.  I was always so embarrassed.  Now, I do the same thing… If you meet my dad in heaven, feel free to tell him thanks for that. ;o)

I learned that my life is not about me. He  showed me that a valuable life is one focused on serving others, for the glory of God.

I learned to love to learn. He knew much about much.  He was always learning more, and he always enjoyed the process.  He significantly contributed to my nerdiness.

I learned to enjoy God’s creation. He loved to take the family camping, to go hiking in the mountains, bike riding by ocean, or kite flying at the bay.  I love those things too.

I learned to share the gospel and invite others to follow after Jesus. When I was 13 years old, we pulled over on the side of the road and my dad and I prayed with one of the youth from our church as she chose to give her life to Jesus.  I’ve been talking to people about Jesus ever since.

I learned that miracles happen when God’s people pray. He lived less years than many, but I sincerely believe that he lived more years than he would have if people hadn’t prayed.

I learned that I am to be treasured. His eyes always told me that I was valued and adored.

I learned to love Scripture. He loved to read it, study it, and teach it.  He passed that on.

I learned to choose joy. I decided before his death that if he died, joy would be my choice.  It’s not always an easy choice and sometimes I fail to choose it… but those end up being really bad days… I pray that joy would come every morning.

I learned the importance of wise living. Sometimes he was wise.  Sometimes he wasn’t.   Being wise is always better.

I learned to appreciate each day I have. His life was 47 years long.  Most of us expect to live quite a bit longer than that.  He did too, but God had numbered his days to be just the right amount.  I’m often reminded that I am not invincible and a day will come for my end here too.  In the meantime, to live is Christ…

I learned to look forward to heaven. … to die is gain.


6 thoughts on “from his life, and from his death

  1. Very touching! It sounds like he was a pretty great guy. I wish I could have met him.

    (I feel kind of facebook-stalker-ish finding your blog, but mentioning it in your status peaked my interest. I promise I’m not weird, maybe odd…)

  2. I know that your dad would feel honored by what you wrote. I am proud of you for honoring him, but even more for honoring our heavenly Father! I love you!

  3. What a beautiful tribute to your dad. He was so proud of you and loved you so much. I find your blog very inspiring.

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