I recently, in a moment of “I can’t handle this anymore” rearranged the furniture in my room.  (I know you don’t care about that fact but just go with me…) The way it was arranged previously made the most sense and was the most aesthetically pleasing, really… but, I needed a larger amount of open space… A place where I could sprawl out on the floor with stacks of books or random projects or dump out piles of laundry as I folded them, etc.  So I shoved the bed to the wall under the window.  Now the room is somewhat lopsided… but I have SPACE and I love it.  :)

Last night as I lay in bed, unable to go to sleep I thought about the arrangment…

My life is kind of like this.  I once had it all arranged symmetrically, in the way it made the most sense and looked the prettiest.  Then I realized it wasn’t working.  So I moved things around and made SPACE to do the things I needed to do… mm, the things God needed to do…  It’s all kind of lopsided looking to me and I’m sure to others sometimes, but it’s working…

I have a feeling this won’t be the last time the furniture of my life gets rearranged!


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