out of context

I’m amused by really simple things.  I always think about how hilarious/strange I sound to people who overhear things I say without understanding the context (and often times, even when they know the context).  I also am extremely entertained by many of the things I overhear.  So, I’ve been jotting down such random sentences, said by me and heard by me.  I will now share them with you, with no explanations of context.  :)

Things I said:

“Dude! I don’t know who told you that it was cool to lick people’s ankles, but they LIED to you!”

“Pull over the babooshba and have a seat!”

“I should practice my arrow-throwing, everyday!”

“Whenever I’ve had an abusive boyfriend, I just put ranch on him and everything tastes better!”

“I like the word abominable because it sounds like ‘a-bomb-in-a-bowl’ and I get a REALLY funny mental picture of my cheerios exploding!”

“This tea changed my life, but not like Jesus changed my life.”

“Maybe we should put the flarp in the toilet.”

Things I heard others say:

“I lost $500,000 cash!” (He was serious!)

“That sounds like Scarlet Ohara reads the Psalms.”

“And word to the old guy playing TRUTH, A.K.A. the keyboard.”

“I’m all about the conception.”

“I would shave your back if you needed help.”

“You know what grosses me out more than it should? – – Morning voices.”

“I finished emotional purity.”

“He might be overly tempted by leatherbound items.”

“Don’t even go for that second mini wheat!”

I know there were many others that I wrote down… and they were probably funnier than these… but I don’t remember where I wrote them down or what they were… So, these will have to do for now.  :)

This post is dedicated to my Freedom girls… Especially Hallie, because of her dedication to seeing this accomplished! ;)


One thought on “out of context

  1. I’m famous two times!!! hahaha
    I just heard a really great one- here it is:
    “I have a hard time saying that… I always feel like I’m two letters away from a cuss word.”

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