a beautiful TX day!

Today was a beautiful TX day!  When I got off work this afternoon I came home and though I had much to do, I was compelled to enjoy the outdoors.  I  grabbed my ipod and my camera and went for a walk around my neighborhood:


$5 walmart shoes make me happy!

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Once upon a time, I had a tragic week in the life of my electronics… Ipod screen cracked… Tunes still work!  That’s all that matters!

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I never did blog about my move… this is where I live now!  :)

It was a superb afternoon… I would love an ocean or a mountain… but I’ll take what I can get and enjoy it!


2 thoughts on “a beautiful TX day!

  1. I like your pictures!! Kristen and I went out to enjoy the weather today too. We drove around with the sunroof open. She said it helps her when she misses the beach.

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