from a lack of trust

I have a case of on again off again insomnia.  It’s really stupid.  I’d like it to be off again.  It’s 1:43am… Last night, when I couldn’t sleep… I wrote the following in an email to a friend… I’m still thinking about it… so I’m posting it…

Something I’m learning/contemplating…

It’s seems to be that every sin issue in our lives stems from a lack of trust in God.  We don’t trust his way is best.  We don’t trust He is always there.  We don’t trust HE will handle the details.  So, we try to take control… and that’s where sin comes in!

I believe all of those things!  God’s way is best!  He is always with me!  He will sovereignly deal with the details of my circumstances.  But my behavior does not always match up with those truths… because a part of me, the rebellious party, doesn’t trust.  And when I say, trust… I don’t just mean a simple acknowledgment of truth… I mean strong belief that results in reliance and changes behavior.

It’s 2am and I can’t sleep… so I read Philippians 1 and 2 and some commentary on them… (I mean, what else do people do at 2am?)

Phil. 1 is all about being single minded… Phil. 2 is all about being submitted… humble… having the attitude of Christ.

The attitude of Christ is PROFOUNDLY contradictory to human character.  He IS and has always been God… and yet, he humbled himself becoming a man.  That wasn’t a fun field trip… He didn’t do it because He was lacking something.  He did it because of humility.  He did it because he chose to think of others.

And WE are supposed to have THAT attitude.  One of the same humility that Christ had.  Not one that thinks lowly or meanly of oneself.. but one that doesn’t think of oneself.  One that is always thinking of others.

So, the commentary I was reading (by Warren Wiersbe) pointed out that you can never ever accomplish the submissive/humble part if you are not first single minded in pursuit of Christ and the sharing of His gospel!

So… big picture here… let’s pray for heart change… vision alteration… single minded pursuits that lead to submissive, humble character!

WOW… I’m convicted.  How about you?

And my I just say… I’m so blessed to have friends that help me sort through my 2am insomniac thoughts.

UPDATE:  I’m thinking through this more, after receiving a disagreeing comment… I may be wrong to make such a blanket statement… I do realize that sin is often just plain rebelliousness… but I think that rebelliousness also stems from a lack of trust in God.  Adam and Eve… God told them one thing.  Satan told them another.  They listened to Satan and ate the fruit.  Rebelliousness?  YES!  Lack of trust?  I think so!!!  If they FULLY trusted God, they would not have listened to Satan or chosen what their flesh desired.  I don’t think the two can be separated.  I could be wrong.  As much as I hate to admit it, I often am!  And maybe my opinion stems from the fact that I know that my sin is often… and I really think, always… a result of my lack of complete trust in God to be who He says He is and to do what He’s said He will do… 



2 thoughts on “from a lack of trust

  1. Not all sin is from a lack of trust in God. Some is just a matter of us giving in to the desires of the flesh for our own selfish pleasure. In those cases, it’s not that we are lacking in trust, but rather we are intentionally choosing to be disobedient to His authority.

    • I think that even in cases of intentional disobedience our sinful choices still stem from a lack of trust. If we fully trusted Him, 100% with all of our being… I really don’t think we would make those choices… but I could be wrong.

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