Happy Birthday Mom!

Today was my mom’s birthday and I love my mom.  I didn’t send her a present or even a card because I’m just not that together right now.  So I thought I’d blog for her.  :o)  I wrote the following 2.5 years ago.  I shared it in an email with lots of people and I meant to print it out and give it to her  for Mother’s Day, but I am pretty sure I never did that.  I searched through my email archives today and found it so that it could be her present this year… It’s for my mom, but it’s also ABOUT my mom and I think we can all learn a lot from her!  So, read away everyone.
For the last few weeks I’ve had problems with my ankle. Don’t ask me what happened to it because I don’t know. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m getting old. It was hurting like crazy, so I decided to have my mom wrap it for me. I sat down on the couch and she knelt below me and I thought about how blessed I am to have a mom who takes such good care of me – and always has. I noticed that she was doing a beautiful job. I’ve never seen a bandage wrapped so precisely. I then realized that my mom is practically a professional bandage wrapper. For over a year she wrapped my dad’s leg every single day… 8 layers of bandages… from his knee to his toes. It took two hours each time!

As I remembered that, I found myself amazed. My mom has shown me what it means to be a wife who serves her husband (and even more importantly a woman who serves her God). I know she didn’t enjoy sitting there for two hours wrapping bandage after bandage day after day. Nor did she enjoy that she had a husband who was always suffering physical pain. Her heart suffered alongside him as she faithfully laid down herself for him time and time again. She never regretted that. She loved him (and always will). She was his helper and there was no other job in life that satisfied her more than that.

I want to be like my mom… If I become someone’s wife someday I hope to serve him and be his helper as well as my mom has modeled for me. I realize that marriage requires sacrificing of one’s self in ways that nothing else does – whether it be in arguments about the toilet seat or spending 2 hours a night wrapping bandages around a leg. I can only imagine the spiritual growth that such a life can bring about.

Being a mother only furthers such humbling and opportunities to serve. To be a parent is such a beautiful thing. Watching friends enter such a time has been beautiful. Parents pour themselves into another human being, helping them to grow to be the person God made them to be – to serve Him with all their being. I’m so grateful that my mother did that. Over and over and over she has sacrificed herself for me and my brothers. Very rarely have we appreciated it as we should. I’m working on that now because if I know anyone who deserves to be appreciated, it’s my mom.

As I type this, my mom is sitting in a chair in the kitchen and her 76 year old mom is standing over her, helping her cover the grey in her hair. My mom is almost 50 years old and her mom is still being her mom. There is such beauty in that. I love that when I’m 50, I’ll still be my mom’s daughter.

In the meantime, I will continue to learn amazing lessons from them about what it means to be a godly woman.


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