1 or 2 seconds

My roommate pointed out something to me a couple nights ago.  She was putting something in the microwave and had to push the clear button first and turned to me and said, “I think it’s REALLY funny that you always open the microwave when it has just 1 or 2 seconds left on it!”

Huh… I didn’t realize that I did that but when I thought about, I knew it was true… The next day, I realized I had done it again… and I thought to myself: What does this say about me?  Why can I not wait that last second or two?  Do I just not want to hear the beep?  Hm… that’s probably part of it but I think it has more to do with impatience, or maybe a sense of control… like I don’t want the timer on the microwave to tell me what to do!  I must take a picture… This is going on my blog!


So… analysis anyone?  What does this say about me?  I’m pretty sure whatever it says, it’s not good!


3 thoughts on “1 or 2 seconds

  1. Don’t worry, I do the same thing. Though my mindset is: eh, 5 seconds or so is about the same heat level. It should be good to go!

    But to get to the root of the issue, why are we standing around waiting for the microwave? Let’s go be productive and when we hear it go off, go back and get the food.

  2. I do the same thing too. I hate that beep it’s just not aesthetically pleasing to my ears hahaha if they played a nice catchy jingle or something to let me know my food was done then I’d totally be willing to wait the extra second. You should write a catchy jingle and when it comes to 1-2 seconds we can just start singing it in spite of the beep. LOVE YOU!

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