stress relief

I love to laugh.  If you know me, you’ve figured that out.  I can find things to laugh at anywhere, anytime.  Sometimes life can be stressful… If you’re one of those miserable types, there’s always something to be stressed about and nothing to be enjoyed.  I’d rather see things the other way around, there’s nothing to be stressed about and everything to be enjoyed.  I’m not ALWAYS good at that.  So, in my stressed out moments I find things to relieve the tension.  I seek out things to remind me that life is funny and not that serious!

One day at the end of last semester I was feeling the tension build.  I had a ton to do and not enough time to do it… A common occurrence in all of our lives.  I really needed to be studying but I had to get my oil changed.  So, while waiting for my car I walked around Walmart.

I bought this:


It cost $1 and has provided endless amounts of stress relief and entertainment.   It sits on the coffee table in my house and my roommate and I refer to it as the “fart jar.”  We play with it all the time.  (I’m really glad she appreciates it as much as I do!)

This weekend, I went to Target with a group of 15 and 16 year old girls to buy kites (so fun!) and I found another version:

potty-putty potty-putty-poot-pink1

I bought it.  POTTY PUTTY!  What a name!  And it comes in a toilet!  So, now they sit together on the coffee table.  Both of mine are pink because I find that humorous and ironic.

I suggest you buy some for yourself.  I have to say, Flarp makes better noises but Potty Putty has a cooler look to it!  :)  Click here to listen to the sounds! Seriously, your life will never be the same again!


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