True freedom…

“True freedom is found only in obedience to proper restraint.  A river finds liberty to flow, only between banks: without these it would only spread out into a slimy, stagnant pool.  Planets, uncontrolled by law, would only bring wreck to themselves and to the universe.  The same law which fences us in, fences others out; the restraints which regulate our liberty also insure and protect it.  It is not control, but the right kind of control, and a cheerful obedience which make the free man.”   ~ A. T. Pierson

Restraint.  Discipline.  Control.

Words the flesh doesn’t like.

Liberty.  Flow.  Cheerful.  Free.

Words we don’t want to live without.

You can’t have one without the other.

I don’t want to be a slimy, stagnant pool.

But, I can look in the mirror and see myself becoming one…

Without restraint, discipline, and control.

So, the story continues and the learning is never complete.



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