catching up – home for Christmas (part 2)

While home for Christmas, I spent a day with my first set of college roommates!  Rachel was the first non-family member I ever lived with.  God bless her!  ;o)  We learned a lot from each other and became like sisters!  During that first year, Tawni and Jenny lived on our hall and we were all together, all the time.  Sophomore year, Tawni and I were roomies and Rach was our RA.  Junior year, we all got an apartment together.  That was an adventure!  :o)   (Senior year, we had apparently had enough!  – Or – one got married, one moved off campus with her sister, and one graduated early, and one (me) lived with 4 other friends who are also wonderful!)


– Me, Jenni, Tawni, Rachel –

They know all about me… some good and plenty of bad!  We have laughed together at idiotic things.  We’ve spent countless late nights contemplating the deep things of life (and maybe talking about boys).  We broke into churches in the middle of the night (shh!).  We froze in the back of trucks at drive in movies.  It was in a movie theater in Sacramento with Rachel and Tawni that I decided to begin totally altering my plans for life!  (I would have chickened out if it wasn’t for them.)  And I’ll never forget one morning that I got a call and found out my dad was in the hospital for like the 10th time that year.  I hung up and told them the news and they huddled around me and insisted that I FEEL and not act like it was all okay.  Soon we were all weeping.  Then… they were the people I called when he passed away and they took care of making the rest of the phone calls for me and hopped in cars and onto planes to come be with me for the memorial service.  I’ve watched them all fall in love (they are still waiting for me to catch up with them there) and get married and been a part of their special days!

And then I moved away.  They are all still sharing life… continuing our tradition of girl’s night and raising babies, and buying houses.

My life looks very different than theirs do and I miss them like crazy and sometimes wonder if I made all the right decisions in leaving them and so many others who I love so much!  But I know I’m right where I need to be and I’m grateful that no matter how much time goes by, they will always be friends I can go home to – like family!

The truth of the matter is, I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for them.  They helped me become this version of me.  They gave me courage to pursue dreams God put in my heart!  I’ve tried to tell them that before, but I don’t think they’ll ever understand how true it is.  So girls, thanks for helping me to become this version of me… even though it means being away from you AND your babies!  I’m so glad that even though we don’t get to hang out all the time, we still share life — even if mostly through blog stalking!  :o)  I love you all!  Give those babies kisses for me (and Jenni, you can kiss your rabbit!).

100_43932 100_4394

– Tawni and Sammy –                        – Rachel and Brendan –

100_4402 100_4395

– The boys: Brendan and Sammy –               – Me and Brendan –


One thought on “catching up – home for Christmas (part 2)

  1. Your post made me cry, I miss you so much! I am so happy for you and where you are in your life. I am glad we are still able to spend time together and share our lives with one another. I love you!

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