learning to let go…

I’m reading a great book… 9780310285540

Brother Yun was a leader in China for many years and during that time faced persecution that Western believers only read about in books (like his other book Heavenly Man).  In Living Water, he makes a great point that made me stop and evaluate some things:

“I believe the Western Church is generally in the same condition as Martha.  You know the truths about God’s Word in your head, but you still like to run your own lives.  Like Martha, many Christians cry out, ‘Lord, if you had just done things according to our plans, we would never have ended up in such a mess.'”

Lots of us are familiar with the story of Mary, Martha, and their brother Lazarus.  Jesus was great friends with them.  He spent much time in their home.  Martha was always busy DOING things to try to please Him.  Mary was content to sit at His feet and enjoy his presence.  Jesus affirmed Mary’s choice and told Martha she should learn to do the same.  Later on, their brother Lazarus becomes very ill and they send for Jesus, knowing He could heal him.  Jesus went to them, but not as quickly as they had hoped he would.  By the time He got there, Lazarus was buried.  Martha was very upset with Jesus, as Brother Yun pointed out… She didn’t know that He would still heal Lazarus by raising him from the dead!

Over and over lately, the Lord is revealing areas of my life that I need to LET GO, BE STILL, and ENJOY HIS PRESENCE.   Brother Yun goes on to explain that, “Until you realize that the living Jesus Christ wants to be the major part of everything you do, you will not see revival.  Until He is rightfully enthroned as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, your plans will continue to be frustrated and you will see little true blessing of heaven on your activities.”

I’ve been asking the Holy Spirit to reveal areas in my life that I have not made him the major thing… that I have held on to my plans… that I have not asked Him to sit in His rightful position as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  True blessings of heaven?  Yeah, I want those.  I’m learning to let go…………. I’ve been learning for a long time….

It’s a process… a beautiful… difficult process…



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